Ergo Propter

Jacket, Ross
Dress, Thrifted
Earrings, Kohls
Bangles, Solid Gold
Sandals, Ross

Skirt, Old Navy
Shirt, Wal Mart
Scarf, Thrifted
Shoes, Payless
Sunglasses, Caesars Palace
Purse, Thrifted

Top, Gifted
Sandals, Thrifted
Skirt, Borrowed (dress)
Unicorn, Gifted
Watch, Wal Mart


  1. I love that first dress! Love love it!

    Fellow fatty over here, similar size to you, I love your style!

  2. Love those skirts! And how you match your make-up with youroutfit! And that brown top! :)

  3. Yay! Rebecca! I'm glad you like it :) That dress was one piece of fabric with a seam up the back if you wanted to try your hand at one during the summer!

    Thanks Veronica <333 Hailey gave me that top :)


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