The Moral Was

Approached open-mouthed, from the bottom left or in mid summersault these life changing moves I make have been giving off false impressions.  Only in a case of strong bond do I even stutter to bother to correct them, but in true Beej fashion I'm going to break my own rule for self-preservation and bare a few shards.

I'm not trying to be a trend setter.
I don't expect what I don't work for.
I'm not trying to start a rumor.
I try to give without the receive.
I'm not waiting for anyone to report back.
I don't take unearned credit.
I am much different than I look.
I'm not afraid to say I don't know.
I've stopped starting over.

I'm also navigating off-kilter, with a lingering soreness from my last venture, still out of sight distance of what I am looking for in my next -- too exhausted to slick the skin of my demons for a familiar thrill.  As a stranger your only duty is to witness, and even then that is your own choice.  Don't waste a decision to be involved on unfair judgement.  It's too easy to yell stop running girl..

Besides, I gather moss everywhere I roll.  Ask my friends and exes.


  1. I love the paragraph that starts "I'm also navigating [...]"! And it gels with my impression of where you've been coming from lately.

    "I gather moss everywhere I roll" is such a great line!

  2. Thank you for that Veronica.. you always seem to understand exactly what I mean.


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