Two Dollar Skirt

I've been saying I'm going to do a tutorial on these skirts I make for so long.  So without further introduction..


One day at the thrift store it dawned on me.  Fabric is so much cheaper by the sheet.. and even cheaper I've found are fitted sheets.  You can make a simple skirt out of a fitted sheet with no measuring in this tutorial, it's a guarantee.  Just make sure you're wearing your glasses.

First, get together your sheet, thread, elastic and optional trim.

You need the fabric flat to work with it, so cut along the four fitted seams.

Cut from corner to corner along the elastic edges so you end up with this.

If you spread the piece out, it should have two rough edges and two clean edges.

Fold the two clean edges together and cut down the center.  Take both panels and pin side by side, then sew a seam to make one long panel.

(Optional) Lay out length of ribbon, edging etc.)

Fold over about an inch or two on the side you want the top and stitch.  This will be the casing for your elastic.

(Optional) Sew on ribbon or other edging, etc.

Use a chopstick to tie one end of your elastic to and fish it through the casing, double knot.

Fold over bottom hem and sew.  Turn inside out and sew together remaining two sides.

Pro Tip: Don't try to use quilting thread in your sewing machine.


  1. This is magically fantastic! It looks so simple/easy/awesome! I will have to try this when my sewing fatigue wanes. Been sewing aprons all month and then the craft show yesterday, didn't sell a single one! =0(
    But I like these cheap and easy and fun ideas of yours. Keep posting! =0)

  2. what a lovely idea..sadly I cant sew for shit,lol

  3. That is so cool and simple especially making it from a fitted sheet!! I have decided that I love skirts and I want to wear them as much as possible but I can never find any that fit me which I like. Once I have discovered why my sewing machine has died I will be buying a sheet and making one of these bad boys hehe!!


  4. Sarah, what the hell? Does no one cook in style?! Thank you for the compliment, if you try it out let me know! That goes for you too, Debbie. They're ridiculously easy, teach the basic format for how I make skirts and are totally customizable ^-^


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